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Throughout the Northeast, Westchester Modular Homes has earned an outstanding reputation for quality-built single family homes. What most people are surprised to know is that Westchester also builds the same high quality products for multi-family and commercial projects.

Westchester Modular has been delivering multi-family residential homes for years throughout a nine-state market area. In addition to multi-family products, Westchester Modular has been building faculty housing for schools, and apartment buildings for senior housing. Currently Westchester is in the planning stages for several college dormitory projects and a Best Western Hotel to be built in the greater New York area. Modular construction has been found to be the most cost efficient method of building for these applications. Time frames and labor costs are substantially reduced, and tight cost-controls keep these projects within budget.

At Westchester, we understand that each project has its own special characteristics, and we are glad to work with the architect and builder to provide a truly custom product on-time and within budget.

For more information on multi-family and commercial buildings, please contact Tony Monti, Project Sales Manager, at

Midtown Project- Washington Township, NJ

The Mid-Town Project, located in Washington Township New Jersey, was built using Westchester Modular technology and Superior Wall concrete panels. The first level consists of commercial retail space and the second, third and fourth floors encompass single floor and townhouse style living. This building was produced in a few short weeks and was shipped with kitchens and baths completely installed including tile floors, a self contained heating system in place, sprinkler system, and plumbing, completed in the factory.

Cabrini Project- Coram, NY

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Cabrini Gardens, a Catholic Charities project, was delivered in the winter and spring of 2010. This project is located in Coram, New York on Long Island and was partially funded by HUD. It consisted of two buildings, each made up of 50 modules. Westchester Modular Homes worked in tandem with the owners, architectural firm, and the general contractor, Jarro Building Industries to bring this project to an extremely successful completion.

Modular Commercial Buildings

Modular commercial buildings are gradually becoming the preferred choice for office buildings throughout the country. Your business can enjoy the multiple benefits of a modular office building because we construct them in a fast, efficient and cost-effective way.

At Westchester Modular Homes, we’re revolutionizing the way office buildings are designed and built. Our designs cover various types of commercial buildings from factories to schools. We also offer special plans for the healthcare industry including unique medical modular building designs. 

Why Should You Work With Us?

At Westchester Modular Homes, we offer companies and business owners a wide variety of building plans and customization options. Our services are affordable, and we do our best to give you premium value for each dollar you spend on your modular building. Also, we provide the following benefits to you and all our clients:

  • Excellent Quality Control: Unlike buildings built on-site that have defects due to bad weather, storms and earth movements, we produce our modular homes in a factory. At our factory, we work to exceed the highest quality standards in the industry, ensuring we monitor the quality of our materials and work processes. The entire building process is sheltered from weather elements, providing consistency and durability.
  • Faster Build Times: Our construction team works in a controlled environment with repetitive, computer-aided techniques and superior equipment and construction facilities. This makes it easy to work faster and meet your project deadlines. With our process, weather and storms won’t delay your project. We work to meet all daily construction targets, and we’ll deliver your office building on or before the expected completion date.
  • Cost Savings: We offer different kinds of cost benefits over conventional on-site building construction. Building with modular panels reduces construction times and minimizes labor costs for you. This is vital for your bottom line, and it reduces overall project costs. Our modular building facilities use high precision equipment while helping to reduce waste.
  • Green Construction: We work with you to reduce the impact of construction on the environment by using assembly line manufacturing and consuming less energy than conventional on-site construction. We don't create a lot of waste or leave debris on your site for you to clear after we’re done.
  • Custom Building Options: You can count on us for flexibility and customization — we welcome as much input as possible from you during the design phase. We also allow you to do as many design changes as possible before creating the final blueprint for your construction. You can trust us to work with you to meet the specific needs of your company and type of business.

Contact Westchester Modular for More Information

Since 1986, the Westchester Modular team has been changing the way people think about modular housing. Project managers throughout the Northeast have found our modular construction methods to be a cost effective way to build projects quickly without sacrificing quality or comfort. For more information on multi-family and commercial buildings, please contact Tony Monti, Project Sales Manager, at

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