Computer Aided Design & Customization

Build a 3D virtual model of your new home ...before you build.


Some still believe that modular construction means cookie cutter designs that offer little or no design choice.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

A Westchester Modular Home can be customized, in detail, to be the dream home you've always wanted.

To build the home of your dreams you'll work directly with our team to build a 3D virtual model of your new home in stunning detail. You can:

  • move walls
  • add a room
  • redesign a kitchen
  • change materials

...all before you build.

As you can see in the video above, modern modular homes are a great option for homeowners looking for an economical, elegant and sustainable way to own a home. The design and construction process employed by Westchester Modular Homes, Inc. is the industry standard for modern modular homes.

Today, modular homes are fully customizable according to customer specifications. At Westchester, we offer comprehensive design consultations in which our local independent builders use Computer Aided Design (CAD) to showcase the home layout and floor plans to the customer. Our Virtual Design Center allows prospective home buyers to preview their dream home beforehand, which gives customers a valuable insight into the modular home construction process. Because we maintain an in-house Engineering Department, costly outside engineers aren't needed to develop a design plan.

From our factory in New York, we work with a large network of Independent Westchester Modular Home Builders to provide homes for families and individuals throughout the Northeast. After settling on a final design, homes are crafted and constructed as modules, which are then delivered to the site of the home and assembled on the foundation. Independent builders certified by Westchester Modular Homes, Inc. complete the construction process on-site.

The many types of standard modular homes offer prospective homeowners a wide range of interior and exterior options when designing their home. Construction in our climate-controlled facility ensures consistency in the quality of our designs while giving customers the confidence they deserve in their new home. We encourage you to visit our factory for a tour, where you can see our skilled builders producing state-of-the-art modular homes.

Building a modern modular home at Westchester Modular Homes, Inc. is an environmentally, energy-efficient process. We use sustainable material and equipment whenever possible in construction; as a result, the amount of energy needed to construct and assemble a modern modular home is significantly cut.

Contact us today for more information and to begin designing your dream home with Westchester Modular Homes, Inc.