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When disaster strikes, turn to Westchester Modular Homes

A representation of the events that happened during Hurricane Sandy

"I want my life back!"

You survived the disaster. Unfortunately, your house didn't. And without your home, your life is in shambles. If you or someone you know was impacted by Hurricane Sandy or another catastrophic event, you understand the challenge of rebuilding your home after a disaster. You may find yourself wondering if things will ever return to normal — and where to turn for prompt, reliable home disaster relief.

The good news: If a disaster has leveled your home and you’re faced with the daunting task of rebuilding, there is one alternative that deserves strong consideration. Modular construction can give you your life back a lot faster than you might think. Going modular is an ideal solution for homeowners whose homes have been destroyed or severely damaged by natural disasters and catastrophic events like hurricanes, floods and fires.

Modular homes feature a rapid construction time so you can resume your normal lifestyle as quickly as possible, along with a host of additional benefits.

Home fire damage often includes severe smoke and water damage (from the water used by the fire department to extinguish the flames). Attempting this type of home disaster repair takes time, and it may not rectify lingering issues such as an oppressive smoke odor and the potential for mold growth.

A modular home rebuilding project takes about the same amount of time as extensive fire repair work — but you’ll have a beautiful, brand-new home without concerns about home smoke damage and other long-term issues.

Severe storms and hurricanes pose two significant home disaster relief challenges: wind and water damage. Home wind damage can destroy a home or create damage that is beyond repair. Flooding introduces unsanitary water into a home that can make it unlivable. Modular home rebuilding will give you a fresh start, and you won’t have to worry about residual home water damage and having to live with the constant threat of mold.

The best option may be to tear down and rebuild a damaged home with a brand new one. If your structural framing has been compromised, if your home has shifted from its foundation, or if a storm completely wiped everything out, you're left with no choice but to start again. Choose a modular home, and work your way towards normalcy with a unit that's equipped with the latest design features and technological advances in residential construction.

When rebuilding, modular construction offers many benefits over conventional stick-built methods.


  • Ultrafast - Your new home can be ready for occupancy in as little as three months. Insurance companies typically give homeowners only months to rebuild, so time is critical. A well-built home that can be turned around in a quick time frame is within reach. Choose one of our homes and work towards getting back on your feet faster.
  • Efficient - Your modular home is built to the highest quality standards under environmentally controlled conditions in our state-of-the-art factory in as little as seven days, avoiding costly delays associated with on-site building methods. Your project won't be held up by unexpected delays that often occur during the rebuild process. A buried live electric line or a burst plumbing pipe can set your rebuild timeline back by several days and lead to a host of hidden costs that may be an extra financial burden. When you choose a modular home, you won't have to worry about the potential headaches that lie behind your walls and underneath your floors. In addition, modular homes are inherently energy efficient, making your new home a "green" home. Green modular homes are the wave of the future, and purchasing one of our units is an investment in a technology that can help create a more sustainable world.
  • Solid construction – If you’ve had to deal with a disaster such as Hurricane Sandy, you understand the importance of sturdy construction for a home. Many modular homes can withstand winds of up to 163 mph, giving you and your family peace of mind when choosing a home disaster rebuilding option.
  • Flexible design choices - Our team of experts will work with you to assemble a custom modular home that you'll love. Did you love the look of your old house? We can help you build a new one that captures its essence room by room, shingle by shingle. Perhaps you're looking to try something new entirely? We will manufacture a unit that matches what you have in mind.
  • Affordable - Modular homes are available in a variety of styles to suit every budget and taste. You can finance your new modular home just as you would any other home and shorter building time saves you money.
  • Flexible financing options – The same financing options for “stick-built” homes are also available to modular home buyers. Depending on your qualifications, you can obtain a 15- or 30-year traditional or adjustable mortgage at a competitive interest rate. Westchester Modular can assist you in your search for affordable home financing.


After disaster strikes, you need a builder you can rely on. Since our founding in 1986, Westchester Modular Homes has built more than 6,000 beautiful modular homes. We are specialists in disaster rebuilding.Our highly skilled and experienced staff understands the financial, physical, emotional and psychological challenges involved with the disaster home rebuilding process, and we’ll remove much of this heavy burden from your shoulders.

Hurricane Sandy exposed the fragility of residential structures in the region. We witnessed whole neighborhoods disappear in a matter of hours as storm surge and wind damage wiped out homes all throughout the tri-state area.

Years after the storm devastated our communities, many of our friends and families continue to rebuild their homes. Many continue to struggle with their insurance companies to obtain reimbursement for repairs, while others have been kept waiting by relief agencies as they attempt to make do with what remains of their homes.

In response to Hurricane Sandy in October of 2012, we created our Disaster Relief Program to help affected homeowners rebuild quickly and affordably. The highly skilled members of our Rapid Response Team will walk with you, step-by-step, through the entire building process. Disaster victims get a priority position in our production line.

Our disaster rebuilding process includes custom design services, so you can live in a home that closely resembles your previous structure — or start over with a fresh, exciting new design if you prefer. Our goal is to help you select and execute a home design that will help you resume your normal lifestyle as quickly as possible.

Don't let a disaster rob you of your home. We can help you build an even better home than the one you lost. Modular home construction is an affordable, efficient, eco-friendly alternative to traditional building methods. With a Westchester Modular home, you'll equip yourself with a structure that is engineered to better withstand the beating that future storms will deal out. Choose from a variety of beautiful modular home designs or let us create a custom design for you.

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