Modular Dorm Buildings

As more students prepare for college, it’s become vital for universities across the country to expand their housing options to support the rising number of on-campus students. The construction time of non-modular dormitories, however, isn’t meeting the demand that colleges are experiencing — or complying with their deadlines and budgets.

That’s where Westchester Modular Homes comes in to assist. Our modular dorm buildings offer universities a viable, cost-effective solution to growing their enrollment numbers, as well as the assurance that their residence halls will not only be completed on schedule but also on-budget.

Why Modular Dorm Buildings?

For many colleges, modular dormitories deliver several standout benefits, including:


At Westchester Modular Homes, we care about the environment — and it shows. As a follower of the Green Modular Home Building approach, we’re able to build to meet both Energy Star and the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEEDS), which is a green building rating system that’s trusted worldwide.

That means we recycle scrap materials, which helps reduce waste and minimize our environmental impact. We go a step further, however, also building our modular residence halls in a climate-controlled facility with energy-efficient lighting, which ensures the quality of our lumber, preventing future mold and mildew problems.

The design of our modular dorm buildings also features green choices. We use R-21 wall and R-38 ceiling insulation. For example, we utilize and Anderson 400 Series Low E Glass Windows — all of which support a dormitory that’s energy efficient. We also offer water-saving faucets and shower heads.


A non-modular dormitory requires a significant commitment of your university’s time and resources. In many cases, the planning, design and construction process can extend over a year, pushing your college’s ability to host its growing student body.

That’s not the case with our modular dormitory construction. We offer quick turnaround times, producing four modules for a single building or residence in a week’s time. Setting your residence hall is also seamless, as our team forwards the plans required for a building permit well in advance. In fact, we do it while you’re finalizing your order.

As a result, when your modular dorm buildings arrive, they’re ready for setting with your permanent foundation — which your builder makes before your dorm’s arrival. After our factory set crew secures your modular dormitories, your contractor will complete the necessary exterior, electrical, plumbing and heating work.


Greener. Faster. Smarter. That’s modular residence halls from Westchester Modular Homes. We emphasize the “smart” when it comes to expanding your modular dormitories. Instead of renovating your student housing and investing a significant sum of money, we make it hassle-free to add a floor extend the sides of a residence hall.

We also include a 10-year warranty, under the 2-10 Homebuyers Warranty Program®, on all Westchester Modular Homes. It’s a demonstration of not only the confidence we have in the quality of our modular dorm buildings but also the trust we have in our network of builders.

The result is a smarter, more efficient way to grow your college campus.

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