Teardown & Rebuild

Don't remodel... Don't move... Rebuild Modular!

In many parts of the Northeast, particularly in highly concentrated upscale urban areas, many homeowners are turning to Westchester and discovering the tremendous advantages of a Teardown/Rebuild and adding a second-story addition to the existing home.

"The people at Westchester Modular Homes are spectacular! We are hoping to be in our new home very shortly. When they said that they were coming, they came. Everything was on time. We're very happy."

– Bill & Eileen regarding their new teardown/rebuild home on the Jersey Shore

Why not stay!

You enjoy living in your present neighborhood. Your family has established ties in the schools and church, and you have neighbors that have become very good friends. You're familiar and secure in your surroundings and you don’t want to move.

Given this scenario, our clients usually have two options:

  • Remodel their present home, or
  • Tear down their existing home and re-build a new home on their existing property.

Traditionally, many people have opted to remodel, but that option has become, in many cases, financially unsound. After doing the research and cost analysis, many of our clients have found it to be more economical to build a new home. Not only can this save you money in the long run, but also you are building a new home that meets your family’s exact specifications. You can truly build "the home of your dreams" when given the opportunity to design a customized home.

We generally can have your family back in your new home within a matter of months. Many major re-modeling or modular additions projects take a good year to complete, and the family is frustrated because everything is "torn-up" for months at a time. New construction is often a "cleaner" deal, in that, you know up front exactly what you’re spending, how much you are financing and your move in date. Working on time and within your budget is the one of the major advantages of Westchester Modular re-builds.

Choose Teardown and Rebuild Modular

When you want a new home, you have the option to tear down a house and rebuild it or modify an existing home. Which option should you choose? Regarding cost, you’ll save more in many cases if you do a modular rebuild by tearing down the building and putting up a new modular home. This option allows you to save the money you'd spend on labor during a renovation that requires a lot of manual work.

At Westchester Modular Homes, we help existing and prospective homeowners create their dream home in a cost-effective way. We’ll help you design and construct a new home to meet all your specifications and customize it to suit your taste.

Reasons Why Westchester Modular Homes Is Your Best Choice

If you’re considering tearing down an existing property, here are some reasons why you should contact us:

  • Lower Cost: We help you reduce the overall cost of building your dream home by demolishing the entire home quickly and rebuilding it, rather than just renovating part of it. With modular our efficient designs and building methods enable you to get a more modern and attractive home instead of paying high labor costs for a renovation. Our efficient machines will demolish the home in a few hours and put up a new modular home within a month.
  • Faster Design and Construction: Traditional on-site building systems are quite slow, and weather conditions can impact them. With modular when the home is delivered it is about 80-85% complete, which reduces the amount of time you are displaced from your home, why not consult with us to help you work on a new design. We use the best professional engineering to build custom designs effortlessly and at an affordable price.
  • Higher Quality: You’ll enjoy the best building designs using the highest quality building materials and processes in line with current building codes. When you attempt to renovate a building that's 10 to 15 years old, you’ll be trying to mix modern system with old building materials, which seldom works well. A modular home is your best option when you want to enjoy all the benefits of advanced technology, energy efficiency and superior aesthetics. Instead of spending money on expensive renovation, trust us to do an entirely new building.
  • Structural Warranty: When you build a custom modular home, you also enjoy an extended construction and maintenance warranty. We’ll come in and fix things that are covered by the warranty, so you can live with peace-of-mind for many years to come.

Contact Us Today for Your Custom Built Modular Home

Modular homes are now more affordable and beautiful than they used to be. Your customization options many, so you can get the exact type of home you want on your site.

For more information on this unique concept, contact us online, visit any model home sales center or call us toll-free at 800-832-3888

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