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Second-Story Addition in 3 Days!

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Modular Home Additions:
Transform Your Current Home into Your Dream Home

When you need a larger home, you don’t have to move out of your neighborhood. Westchester Modular Homes can build your family a second-story modular home addition quickly, efficiently and cost effectively without displacing your family for months on end.

In as little as one month, your existing ranch home can be expanded to a spacious colonial with a second-story addition. Whether you need the space to provide bedrooms for a growing family or simply expand the living areas, we can design the second story modular home addition to suit your family's needs.

All this is possible without the hassle of packing, purchasing a new home or uprooting your children from the neighborhood and schools they've grown to love. Why buy when you can simply add on to the place you've called home for years? With modular home second-story additions, you can.

Easily Customize Your Dream Home

The best part is, Westchester does it all! We custom design the second floor in addition to securing permits and removal of the existing structure and roof. So there won't be the hassle - and added cost - of a traditional building project where you could be dealing with multiple architects, carpenters, painters, plumbers, electricians and interior designers. Modular home additions truly are a turnkey solution for your second-story addition.

As the homeowner, you'll be involved in the entire process. Using Computer Aided Design and a unique password-protected online design center, you can see what your home will look like long before the addition is added and can customize it from top to bottom. From flooring to vanity fixtures, the options to personalize your second-story modular home addition are endless - and all at your fingertips.

Second Story Modular Home Additions

Modular home additions are a great way to add another story to an existing building. They offer you the benefit of high-quality construction at an affordable price and, quicker build time.

At Westchester Modular Homes, we know speed is vital when you need to build a second story addition. We do our best to minimize disruptions to your family’s life, especially when you’re still living in the home during construction.

Benefits of Using Our Modular Home Additions Service

We’re specialists in creating unique and beautiful modular home additions, especially those that turn a bungalow or single-family home into a one-story or two-story building. If you’re considering placing an additional story on your building, here are some of the vital reasons to choose Westchester Modular Homes:

  • Durable Structure: We’re aware of the structural requirements for adding a story to an existing home — this new addition must fit perfectly on the lower one without creating any structural damage. We have experienced builders with the assistance of a structural engineers who can evaluate the strength of the current structure before we assemble a new one onto it. You can rest assured the new building will also meet the requirements of the building codes for your state and county.
  • Time Savings During Construction: Our modular construction offers you quick turnaround. We have developed highly efficient internal production systems that allow you to get your desired modular addition within a relatively short time. We work hard to keep up with timelines, and our construction is faster than any traditional on-site construction method.
  • Design Flexibility: Traditional construction methods usually have limitations that make it difficult to have a unique design on a second story. We provide a wide variety of customization options for you. So, we can modify all our existing designs to suit your desires.
  • Quick Assembly: Usually, it takes less than a week to complete the assembly. Depending on the ease of placing a crane and other assembly equipment on site, you can get the additional story assembled within four days. We've worked on many additional modular story construction projects, so we can easily handle the details involved in yours. We’ll complete the project so fast that you won’t have to move out of your home while we do it.
  • A Completely Transformed Home: When you approach us for a second story modular addition, we conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your needs. We find out all the reasons you want an additional story, as well as all the possible solutions we can offer based on the size of the lot and the building. Then, we work with you to create an exceptional design that’s custom-built to meet your needs within your budget.

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