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Read our Coastal Homeowners' Testimonials after Hurricane Sandy!


Dream Perfected

June 2018

Modular HomeAs we begin our seventh summer on Martha's Vineyard, it's hard to believe that our shingled beach house, now weathered to a perfect shade of New England gray, was built in a factory and delivered to the island as four separate, shrink-wrapped modules. I still get a tingly feeling when I scroll through the photographs of our house set day.

Our set date was scheduled for the third week in February, which also happened to be school vacation week. Dave and I hadn't planned on being at the house set, but changed our mind last minute, justifying the extra expense as "a once in a lifetime experience," which it was. We arrived on island the night before, and stayed at the Hanover House in Vineyard Haven. While the sections of our house floated on barges into Vineyard Haven harbor, I tossed and turned all night long, unable to fall asleep.

Westchester Modular HomeThe next morning we were up early, but I was too nervous to enjoy the gourmet breakfast prepared at the inn. I wanted to get an early start, so we could walk around the site and check out the foundation before all of the construction chaos began. The first module, pulled by a semi labelled "Oversize Load", arrived right on schedule at 8:00 a.m., with both a state police and OBPD escort by its side. It's crazy to think that the state police would stop traffic during morning rush hour just for you, but building a modular home on Martha's Vineyard is a big deal. In fact, the #7 bus, which runs down Pacific Avenue every hour, was also temporarily detoured to make room for our house modules.

Westchester Modular HomeEach section was delivered on a trailer and parked on Pacific Avenue in front of our new neighbors' homes (fortunately our neighborhood is comprised mostly of seasonal residents who weren't there at the time).

Next, a large crane, "the Baxter," lifted the modules and positioned them on top of the foundation.

Setting the house modules was an incredibly meticulous process. Dave and I were impressed by the precision with which the crew guided the placement of each section. The crews from Westchester Modular Homes and Squash Meadow Construction worked together to align (and in some cases realign) Westchester Modular Homeeach module perfectly, accurate to 1/8 of an inch. An eighth of an inch! The photos below do not do this process justice; you really needed to see this in person to appreciate it.

Our house was assembled by noon. Dave and I were so excited, we bought lunch - Rocco's pizza - for the entire construction crew, including the crane operator and the policemen. I remember enjoying a slice of pepperoni pizza when I walked through the front door for the first time. It was easy to imagine what the inside of our house would look like when it was finished because so many things had already been installed at the factory - toilets and sinks, closet and bedroom doors, kitchen cabinets, a microwave oven. Westchester Modular HomeThe ceramic tiles had even been installed on the bathroom floors.

Our dream home was finally becoming a reality! There was still plenty of work to be done- plastering, shingling, painting, landscaping - but we were one step closer to being homeowners on Martha's Vineyard

Dave & Mathew


Kevin A. Miller

June 2018

To Whom It May Concern,

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty (2-10 HBW), the nation's leading new home structural warranty provider, takes great pride in the experience and construction quality of the members in our program. Prior to admission into our program, all potential applicants are carefully screened by 2-10 HBW to ensure their experience, quality, and financial stability meet our high standards. Members are then reviewed annually to ensure their continued compliance with our program standards.

Please let this letter serve as confirmation of Westchester Modular Homes' GOOD STANDING with 2-10 HBW. Westchester Modular Homes has been a valued member of our program for over 20 years and is a recipient of our Diamond Builder award, reserved for only a few select builders who have consistently maintained the highest quality in building and customer satisfaction. 2-10 HBW Diamond Builders must also demonstrate financial stability, superior construction standards and distinguished design development.

Should you have any additional questions about our warranty program or members, please visit or you can reach me via phone at 720.747.6192 or email at


Kevin A. Miller
Vice President of Operations
2-10 Home Buyers Warranty


Mike & Emmy C.

October 2017

Modular HomeWe never thought we would build a home. However, after years of Open Houses, house hunting and real estate agents, we came across the perfect property. We decided to give it a go. After considering numerous contractors who build on site and modular home builders, we decided on Westchester Modular Homes. We wanted to be able to build our home in a reasonable period of time and we had definite ideas about what it would like. We needed a modular home builder who would customize and Westchester claimed to be such a builder.

We selected Deb Benjamin as general contractor and began the planning stage. Deb supported us throughout the process, providing us with multiple options for achieving the look and feel that we wanted to achieve. We think we took the concept of "customizing a modular home" to the max and Deb was very supportive of that work. We went through multiple "rough drafts" of our building plans, but eventually decided on our final plans.

Once the work started, Deb Benjamin kept the job moving along on schedule and within budget. There were adjustments to make along the way, mostly due to our town's adherence to Energy Star 3 code. Deb Benjamin offered various options to meet the stringent code, while at the same time keeping the job ontrack. After the house was delivered and placed, the onsite work was completed in three months. Deb Benjamin's crew of carpenters, plumber, electrician and HVAC engineer and technician worked together seamlessly. They were a pleasure to be around and did excellent work. We feel that part of the job of a general contractor is to assemble a crew of skilled, knowledgeable tradesmen and she did an excellent job in that important aspect of the process.

Our house was completed on time, we moved in and three years later we are very satisfied. A few minor issues came up over the first three years. Deb Benjamin responded to them in a timely manner and the issues were resolved at no cost to us.

Mike & Emmy C.


Michael, Mary, Megan, Maura and Hannah

February 2017

Dear Bill, Dave, Denby, Woody, Matt, John and Mike (et al),

Modular HomeThirty years ago, Michael and I, along with his entire family, spent a week together on Martha's Vineyard. Michael had just lost his brother, and his boss offered a family member's home on Makonikey for us to spend some time together. Although we had visited the island before, this was our first extended stay. That week, despite the sad circumstances, was our first introduction to what Martha's Vineyard was really all about... and every inch of it settled into our souls.

Once we had our own family, the island became our summer destination every year. It was always the highlight of our year. As time went on we inched more and more into the off season. Five years ago, we decided it was time to try to make it a permanent part of our family's life. This quest ultimately brought us to Squash Meadow, and all of you. Lucky, lucky, us.

We cannot begin to express how grateful we are to all of you for helping this dream of ours come true. From the very beginning, it has been a pleasure working with all of you. You were clear, patient and kind. If a misunderstanding came up, you were calm, direct and fair. Your advice always had our best interests in mind.

Please, pass on our gratitude to those we aren't able to name....all the crews of engineers, painters, floorers, masons, carpenters, electrical, plumbing etc. Every single person we met along the way was professional and courteous.

We look forward to "spreading the word", so please give our name to potential clients looking for confirmation or advice. Many of your clients were gracious to open their homes to us, and we will do the same for your future clients should the need arise. Hopefully, our paths will continue to cross. This summer, expect a call from us to come over and raise a glass!

We wish you continued success, and a happy and healthy year to come.

Michael, Mary, Megan, Maura and Hannah


Julie G.

December 2016

When I decided to move to a cohousing community in Saugerties, there was only one lot left for sale, and it was a real challenge. It was small and sloped downward in two directions, was next to a cliff, had a sewer manhole in the middle and a neighbor's water line up one side, and was accessed by a narrow private road with large trees on either side. I got in touch with Deb and asked if a modular home could be built there. Deb spent hours checking out the site and consulting with her foundation expert and her Westchester rep, before knowing if she would be hired. (And did I mention I didn't even have title to the property yet?) They determined it could be done, so I went for it and started working with Deb.

Since I lived in Ohio at the time, a lot of our consultations were by phone, with a few trips for in-person meetings. This required a lot of trust in Deb, but she came through in every way and moved the project along in my absence.

Since I wanted all the living area to be on one level, I chose the Cape style. After determining the dimensions that would fit on the back part of the lot between the manhole and the water line, I scratched out a floor plan. Deb and I spent an afternoon in her office with the Westchester rep while he laid out the floor plan on his computer and the three of us collaborated to figure out the best way to configure the rooms.

After the plans were finalized, the foundation work started. Given the slope, it turned out a full basement foundation was needed to support the modules. To soften the front appearance, Deb suggested a porch all the way across, which turned out to be the defining feature of the house.

On the day that Westchester set the boxes, it was almost unbelievable how the crew managed to get the crane and the flatbed trucks down the narrow road and in place, with perfect precision. Every single aspect of the delivery went off without a hitch.

In the following 12 weeks, Deb's builder, Jim Pappas, and their subcontractors finished the house, including the attic and basement. Deb and Jim had personal relationships with all the subcontractors, which showed in the way they went above and beyond. (For example, the tile subcontractor used some excess kitchen tile to make a small foyer floor in the basement, at no extra charge.)

Today's modular homes are anything but cookie-cutter. I was able to choose between Westchester standard materials, and they have an array of choices for much of it, or select my own. I went with Westchester kitchen and bathroom cabinets and vanity tops (their new granite choices for vanities are very attractive) and then chose my own Corian kitchen countertops, which Westchester installed, and natural maple hardwood floor from a different vendor.

This was truly a turn-key project. Deb managed every aspect, and all I had to do was pick out materials and colors. And it was fast: the floor plans were started in April, the modules delivered in mid-August, and I moved in before Thanksgiving.

Thanks, Deb, for turning a ridiculously sited lot into a beautiful home for me, in a matter of months!

Julie G.


Randy and Chris E.

Squash Meadow Construction

As you know, the boxes were transported and set this past week. Fabulous experience from this consumer's perspective. Chris and I are very pleased with the overall layout and look, even in rough form. Our go-to-meetings and multiple revisions, while hectic for you I'm sure, were worth it - this house is going to make a real statement, and we thank you for bearing with us over these last several months. Who knows, maybe there's another process (less hectic, hopefully) in our future.

FYI, I took videos and photos of the entire set process for my own records.

Thanks again for your hard work and expertise. We are now looking to Bill, Matt, and their crew for putting on the finishing touches.

Randy and Chris E.


April 2014

Westchester Modular Homes Customer

Selecting Westchester Modular Homes was the best decision we made when deciding to rebuild our shore home on Long Beach Island, NJ! The team at Westchester Modular was with us every step of the way and provided sound and timely advice throughout the whole process.

They took the time to walk through the planning considerations and details required to design and build a superior quality home at a cost-effective price. They were on time and on budget with their production, delivery and setting of our home and have exceeded our expectations, throughout every step of this rebuilding journey. My wife and I highly recommend the team at Westchester Modular to anyone that is looking to build a superior quality home for their money.


Bruce and Laura V.

April 2013

Dear Don, Kay, De and Lynne of Bradley Park Builders:

Thank you. Those two simple words seem so small and inconsequential however they are filled with so much more, so I offer, on behalf of Bruce and myself, a sincere and simple Thank you. We-started our dreams, almost-34years ago when we first started to vacation by renting lake front homes. We learned the good, the bad and ugly from many years of traveling by ourselves, with our dogs and our children. Five years ago we found our own lakefront location and truly began to make plans for a lakefront home.

The initial search was to find a builder who heard our dreams and could make them a reality within a budget. We spent almost two years in our search. And, as they say, hindsight is terrific, it was worth the wait. We were almost ready to give up when we met Kay and the team at Bradley Park Builders.

You have certainly turned our dream into a stunning lake front beauty (in yellow of course!) Sunnyside, our name for the house, is breathtaking. It encompasses our dreams and more. And I have to add it came in at a price that we expected.

Kay started the process by getting all of the paperwork going, setting up appointments at Westchester. She was a terrific at pointing everything out in the model home. While we had some bumpy moments with the lender, Kay stood tall and helped keep things focused.

From the very start to the turning over of the keys, we knew that everyone at Bradley Park understood our vision. The quality, work and attention to detail are of the very best quality. I would not have wanted to be a sub who did not meet with De's exacting standards.

De, well, she had our backs and best interest. I do not think any other builder would have taken such care of a house as De did for us. She watched over everything to ensure it met her exacting standards. We truly know that De took better care of our house then we could! When I was overwhelmed with ecisions, De would make suggestions and offer solutions that made the house, if possible, even more beautiful.

Every single item in the house was taken care of by De. And if that was not enough there is Lynne. Every detail, every item was looked over by Lynne. She found things in the house we never would have noticed. During the building, the house was kept in a tidy fashion and was beyond spotless when we had our final inspection. We had to look really, really, really hard to find anything for the final punch list. And in fact, Lynne found more then we did.

What a fabulous team to have in our dream home. I know most folks ask: would you recommend them? Without hesitation or a doubt: YES.

Bruce and I feel that we have been blessed by having met all of you and have had the honor and privilege to work with you on our home.

So I end this letter as I began, with the deepest and most honest sentiment: THANK YOU!

Warmest regards,
Bruce and Laura V.


Anthony Abato

August 26th, 2013

I would like to reach out to the entire team at Westchester Modular Homes, as well as Deb Benjamin, Custom Modular's and say thank you. I would like to thank every member of the team that has helped fulfill my dreams in the creation of my home.

In February of 2013, my family and I lost our home to a tragic fire and when I decided to rebuild some of our concerns were the time frame in which the house could be built and how could I improve this home, but by also holding onto some of the greater aspects that the previous home had. I had previously looked around at other Modular Home companies and decided to choose Westchester because I felt everything I needed would be achieved. With the help of Westchester Modular homes I was able to work with Deb, and the builders in creating and recreating my ideas, first on paper and then eventually in building. Everything I wanted in my home was accomplished!

Thank you everyone for my beautiful home!

Anthony Abato


A. & S. Bernstein

September 2012

A. and S. Bernstein Modular HomeWhen we started our plans to build our vacation home, we stumbled upon Benjamin Custom Modular Homes. After visiting the factory and meeting with Deb, we were impressed with the craftsmanship and the degree to which we were able to customize the home to our needs. We were able to add a master bedroom suite, radiant heat, two car garage and a mud room in addition to front and rear decks. Deb and the folks at Westchester were very helpful and accommodating during the design stage giving guidance and making helpful recommendations as we proceeded. As this was not our primary residence and we were not going to be on-site for the majority of construction, we were hoping to find a home builder who was not only qualified but easy to get in touch with and easy to work with and that is exactly what we got with Deb and her crew.

During construction we communicated regularly by phone, email and text and Deb was always on-site when needed and emailing pictures as things progressed. When changes were requested or the usual construction-type issues arose, everything was taken care of quickly and professionally with a lot less stress than I've had in other similar projects. In addition to managing all of the sub-contractors, Deb worked with the Engineers and local building inspectors to obtain all the necessary permits which was a tremendous help to us.

We are thrilled with our beautiful new home and thankful that we met Deb and decided to work with Benjamin Customer Modular Homes.

A. and S. Bernstein


Renee & Bruce B.

June 1st, 2012

Renee and Bruce with Bill PotterIn March of 2011, we purchased a 10,000 square foot lot on the corner of Gorham Avenue and School Street in Oak Bluffs. We had been looking for a house to buy for over six months and could not find what we wanted in the location we wanted; "walk to town". When the lot came on the market, we made a decision to buy it and build our third and final house!

Having designed and built two previous homes, and loving the experience, we were eager to start. Using graph paper, pencils and a good eraser, we dove in. We talked to Bill Potter, Squash Meadow Construction about the job. He had built a small cottage for us some years ago and we enjoyed a really good working relationship with him and his crew.

Westchester Modular HomeAs we got closer to a final design, it was clear that our costs were going to be much more than anticipated. We knew that Bill was affiliated with Westchester Modular and we asked him if our design could be done by them and would it result in some savings.

Bill emailed our plans to Westchester and within a day or two, we had a "yes" from them. In just a few days, Bill came to us with a budget, schedule and a detailed plan letting us know what we needed to do, what Westchester could provide and what Squash Meadow would supply.

We met several times over the next few months with Bill and with the engineer from Westchester who eventually produced a computerized "walk through" of the house we were building. It was an amazing process.

The house was delivered on July 28, 2011 and we moved in on November 2nd. Bill had a cookout for all our neighbors when the house came and we were instant celebrities!

The total experience was quite special. Bill and his wonderful crew were excellent to work with, efficient, thoughtful and most accommodating. Work was done well and on time. Questions were answered immediately and every request was dealt with in a timely fashion.

Almost every day, someone stops one of us on the street to tell us how much they love our house. We are delighted with every aspect of the project and especially with the results.

Renee & Bruce B.


Doug & Laurelyn Mayen

January 21nd, 2012

Dear Kay:

The holidays are over and we can safely say we are now settled into our new home, which you so caringly built for us.

I have held various positions in the construction industry for over 45 years, and I can now say that the entire process of building this home has been one of the most pleasant projects I have ever experienced.

You, Dee, Lynne and your subcontractors put this Westchester Modular Home together as if it were going to be your own. Even after it was completed and we took occupancy, you stood behind your product and took care of any problems, big or small, with a pleasing "Can Do" attitude. We especially thank you for looking out for us when the tree fell on the house soon after taking ownership. We lived two hours away, yet you immediately responded by notifying the insurance company, making sure everything was cleaned up, and contacting the appropriate subs to repair the damage.

The Westchester Modular Home did not disappoint us in its quality of construction and workmanship. Dee and your subs matched and exceeded these qualities with the utmost perfection. The crews performed their work as skillfully as they would on their own homes.

You made us feel like family before, during, and after construction by inviting us to other house sets and stuffing us with delicious food! We thank you for your honesty, professionalism, and friendship.


Doug & Laurelyn Mayen


Suzi K. Edwards

November 20th, 2011

To whom it may concern:

This is a letter of recommendation for Debra Benjamin, and Benjamin Modular Homes.

It has been my dream for many years to have a summer home in the Hudson Valley. Last October I made my first of three trips from Florida to find a house to buy. Before I began my search, I goggled Modular Homes in the area, and Westchester Modular came up. Through Westchester, I contacted Deb; and she immediately sent me a comprehensive package of information. This was only a thought; I really wanted to find a house to buy.

I looked and looked in Woodstock, New York, and actually had a contract on an historic home that was built in 1740, but pulled out when the inspection revealed that I would not only be buying a summer home, but a year long project. I visited Deb's office in Saugerties during one of my trips last fall, and was impressed by the variety of custom choices in modular homes I'm a designer, so being able to design my own home, and have it built in a reasonable time excited me.

I looked at a least fifty homes to buy in Woodstock and Rhinebeck, all to no avail. Last June I purchased a lot in Rhinebeck Village, and my exceptional Victorian influenced modular was finished this month.

I'm thrilled with my new home, and look forward to wonderful summers in the Hudson Valley.

Deb has been a joy to work with. She is very communicative, and follows though. I highly recommend her.


Suzi K. Edwards



February 27th, 2011

Dear Howard:

Despite all of the warnings we received about the difficulty of building a new home, both you and Christine made our experience building a modular house an enjoyable process. From our initial phone call through post-construction matters, your guidance and insight have been invaluable. These among other positive attributes have earned you a sterling reputation among your sub-contractors who invariably described you as one of the best builders they have worked with. Your strong relationships enabled us to complete construction on time and within budget.

Having lived in our new home for about six months, we couldn't be happier with the finished product. When any issues have arisen, your availability and attentiveness – both during and after construction – have repeatedly confirmed that you are a consummate professional. Accordingly, we have no reservations about referring you for any job, no matter what the size.

Thank you for your time and hard work. We look forward to working with you again in the future.




Lorraine and Bill P.

December 1st, 2010

Dear Kay and Don:

Thank you for making our dream home a reality! You made this a truly enjoyable experience as we watched our plans evolve into a beautiful new home.

From our initial visit to your model home, to the factory open house, to our planning meetings, to the house set and its completion, we were ever impressed with the quality of the product and services provided by Bradley Park Builders and Westchester Modular homes.

Through each phase of the project, you, De, Lynne and all of your subcontractors showed a true desire to do the job right and according to plan. We especially appreciate your diligence in assuring that this project stayed on schedule. We are very happy with the results and wish to thank everyone involved for their contribution.

We would most certainly recommend you and Westchester Modular Homes to anyone looking to build a high quality custom home. We are confident that we received the best value for our investment.

Most sincerely,

Lorraine and Bill P


Sarah and John M.

November 5th, 2010

Dear Robert:

We want to take this opportunity to thank you and the Big Sky team for building us our wonderful new home. We have been living here for a month now and could not be happier!

After researching modular construction online, we contacted Westchester Modular Homes who then put us in contact with you. Once we spoke with you on the phone and met with you in person, we felt confident and excited about Big Sky building us our dream house.

Building a house in no easy task. However, every step of the way, Big Sky helped us through the process. We were thrilled to see our floor plan come to life in 3D at your office. Working with Tom Stufano from Westchester to tweak our plans was quick and easy. Corine Testaverde at the Big Sky office was extremely helpful with paperwork, cabinet and fixture choices, contacting utility companies and working with our town to get permits, etc. Once the work began on site, things moved very quickly. Our lot was a bit tricky because of water issuers, but Robert and crew helped us make the necessary adjustments to ensure that we would not only have a deep basement, but a dry one as well. The bid day, set day, was amazing. Everything ran like clockwork. We went from a foundation at 7 am to walking through our house at 2pm. Then, for the next three months, the house was steadily transformed into our dream home. We cannot say enough about how great it was working with Mike Curran on a daily basis. His is knowledgeable, hard working and especially kind. He was there everyday, often 6 days a week, keeping things running smoothly. His workmanship is superior and we are thrilled with everything he did.

We cannot be finished without thanking you, Robert. From the first day we met, to you stopping by a month after the house was complete to check in you have been terrific. It was a long process (mainly due to our issues with the land purchase), but you were patient, positive and willing to do what it took to get our house finished. We appreciated your willingness to give advice on the many choices and decisions that had to be made along the way and recognize they you ultimately let us make the house the way we wanted it. You were always approachable, respectful and truly a pleasure to work with.

Thank you so much for everything! If you'd like, we would be more than happy to serve as a reference for you.


Sarah and John M.


Happy Home Owners

April 5th, 2010

Hi Robert:

As you know we've been in the new house for a few weeks now, and I wanted to send you a note to let you know how fantastic you've made the whole experience. Your honesty and commitment to doing what was right for us was a welcomed breath of fresh air.

As you know we engaged in conversations with multiple builders representing multiple modular companies before we met with Big Sky and Westchester. When we met with these other contractors it wasn't clear exactly what we were buying. There were times prior to our discussions, where I didn't believe we would be able to:

  • Build a house at all
  • Build a quality house
  • Build the house Therese and I truly wanted

All of these concerns quickly vanished with Big Sky. During the design phase you were open to working with the plans we brought. Being novices to the process, you made us comfortable with the challenges associated with the plans, as well as offering solutions that preserved our architect's intent, but made the element work within the modular process. Most significantly was the reverse gable on the front of the house. Without this gable we would have had a structure that was materially different in the front elevation from our original plans. Perhaps most important to us was that you didn't attempt to change what we brought to you. Many of the other companies we talked with wanted to change window sizes, move or remove windows etc. One memorable proposal showed the windows in the elevations, but could only manage to provide us a price for half of them. When I asked if that meant the rest were included the quote changed pretty quickly.

As we moved into the construction phase, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the prices you quoted was the price we paid. I got a strong sense from the other contractors we met with that this would not have been the case. In addition, we have several friends who've built via the traditional stick construction method where the price they paid was very different from the price they were quoted.

Another aspect that I must complement you on was your incredible patience. As you know the Potter's had several chef's in the kitchen on this project. Each of us at times had our own concerns. It amazes me how available you were throughout the process. I know that I had difficulty getting some prospective contractors to call us back with quotes, yet you were available for even little questions. In addition, your input and ideas on the parts of the project I took on were very welcomed.

From time to time over the course of this project we've asked ourselves what we feel are some of our best and worst decisions. Invariably we're unanimous in the belief the hiring Big Sky was the single best decision we've made in the project. Moreover, I believe that some of the missteps we've made were because we didn't have you do more.

As for those who are considering your company to build their project I would offer them the following advice:

  • Yes, price matters, but choose a contractor you believe you can trust. You'll be dealing with them for several months. Much like any relationship if you don't have trust, it probably won't be a rewarding experience. In this respect I would rank Robert and Big Sky well above everyone we met with about the project.
  • Understand what you're buying. Way too often we didn't even know who the company was that was building our house when we met with other contractors. Your contractor can be great, but if he's starting with an inferior product how good can it be?
  • Make an apples to apples comparison. Anderson 400 series windows were important to us. Most of the companies we talked with didn't offer Anderson as a standard. These companies made it difficult to understand what the upgrade cost. In addition, once we understood the cost we found that price difference became negligible.


Happy Home Owners


Walter & Carolyn B.

February 3rd, 2010

Dear Debra:

Perhaps the biggest investment a person makes in his or her life is the purchase of a new home. We looked at more than thirty houses before deciding that the best way to get what we really wanted was to have it built specifically for us.

We looked at Westchester Modular Homes and visited their factory. We were impressed with the quality of their products and services and decided that was the way for us to go. But there is more to buying a house than selecting a floor plan. We needed a builder to help us with the decision making and to coordinate all the work involved. Fortunately for us, Westchester Modular Homes recommended you.

From our first telephone conversation, we were impressed with your knowledge, communication skills, and energy. You listened to what we asked for. You explained what was involved. You kept us abreast of the progress that was being made. Over time, we developed a mutual trust that made working with you a pleasure.

A successful project is not one that has no problems. It is one where the problems are managed successfully. We had to deal with one of the wettest summers in decades and there was a lot of water on the property, but it was excavated, the foundations poured, and the house set on the agreed-to date.

We had asked for a number of extras that were not part of the basic modular home. This included a geothermal heating system, septic system, backup generator, different flooring, lighting, decorative trim, porch, and custom garage to name several. When your crew couldn't work outdoors, they did work indoors. You coordinated the work of the electrician, plumber, and carpenters with the schedule of the building inspector so we were able to make continual progress.

Any time we called or e-mailed you we got a prompt reply and any necessary action was taken right away. The end result is a home that looks the way we envisioned it. Thank you, Debra.

Carolyn and Walter B.
Happy Home Owners


Good Standing Letter for Westchester Modular Homes

June 21st, 2018

To Whom It May Concern,

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty (2-10 HBW), the nation's leading new home structural warrantyprovider, takes great pride in the experience and construction quality of the members in our program. Prior to admission into our program, all potential applicants are carefully screened by 2-10 HBW to ensure their experience, quality, and financial stability meet our high standards.

Members are then reviewed annually to ensure their continued compliance with our program standards. Please let this letter serve as confirmation of Westchester Modular Homes' GOOD STANDING with 2-10 HBW. Westchester Modular Homes has been a valued member of our program for over 20 years and is a recipient of our Diamond Builder award, reserved for only a few select builders who have consistently maintained the highest quality in building and customer satisfaction. 2-10 HBW Diamond Builders must also demonstrate financial stability, superior construction standards and distinguished design development.

Should you have any additional questions about our warranty program or members, please visit or you can reach me via phone at 720.747.6192 or email at

Kevin A. Miller
Vice President of Operations
2-10 Home Buyers Warranty


Congratulations, Westchester Modular Homes!

January 1, 2019

2-10 Home Buyers Warranty has recently awarded the 2018 Foundation Builder Achievement Award to Westchester Modular Homes. This award recognizes builders with a long-standing tradition of providing exceptional customer service and protection to their home buyers.

This lifetime achievement award is reserved for builders who have demonstrated a steadfast commitment to improving the housing industry. Westchester Modular Homes has excelled in customer service and has built their business based on integrity, trust and reliability.

Download PDF

Westchester Modular Homes has been recognized as a distinguished builder in the industry and is committed to protecting their home buyers with the 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty on every home they build.*

* Westchester Modular Homes provides a 10-year structural warranty from 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty. This warranty covers only the modular components of the new home.